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Below are some of the racers that have used and won with WPE Engines !


Attention WPE Customers,, Please E-Mail me Photos of your Hot Rod so I can post them here..... Thank you!!!


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Greg Beem


Brad Wieck


James Tumey

T&T Motorsports

Kerry Norris


Danny Schwartz


Matt Hamilton


JD Largent


Rob Starkey


Daryl herbert


Shane Cottle


Billy Wagner

Ray Humphry


Pete Able (USAC)


Pete Able (WoO)


Joe Miller


Dan Smith (NTPA)


Mike Dirksen 

Eldora Champion

David Everoad


Josh Moffit

Steve (Wild Man) King 


Greg Cory,

2006 Paragon Speedway Champion


Tony Mcvey



Terry Schers 

Antonie Tallie 

South African Midget Racer

Victor,, Australian Drag Racer that WPE helps out..  



Rick Green



Attention WPE Customers !! 

Please e-mail us photos of your hot rod so we can post it above,

Thank You !!